Dread vs Reward


Yes, even I dread practice sometimes.  “I’ve got too many other countless details running through my brain – how could I possibly stop in the middle of my to do list to practice? I’ll do it later tonight.”

Suddenly its 9 pm, my day is done, and…… “there’s no way I’m going to sit down at that piano and continue working. I’m tired. My brain is on overload and I deserve to relax at the end of the day.”

Sound familiar?

If so, its ok. In such a fast paced world, I’m afraid this little scenario is far too common.

In those high stress moments, when the waves of life are crashing on us, what if we stop to remember that playing music is such an incredible gift? What would our lives be like if all we did with our time was get through the “to do list” of our lives and never had music time? We would be miserable wouldn’t we? I know I would.

So on days when it feels like sitting down at the piano is that last thing you want or have the energy to do, remind yourself that you are one of the lucky ones – you get to unwind from the pressures of life with that beautiful instrument. Sit down, take the pressure off, and reward yourself at the end of a hard day by practicing. Or just playing. Or just sitting next to the piano and being grateful for the relationship you get to have with it. It is always there, waiting for you. And it’s always happy to see you.

Ciara McAllister