Inside McAllister Music Studio,

The Lower Haight's Hidden Musical Space

published Dec. 4th, 2016


Tucked away on Fillmore, just north of Haight, is McAllister Music Studio, a small music school that focuses on piano, voice, and songwriting instruction for both children and adults.

Founder and lead instructor Ciara McAllister moved into the space in 2014, after eight years of teaching private lessons out of her home in the Lower Haight.

McAllister been teaching piano since she was just 11 years old, and played throughout high school and college. She earned a BA in piano performance while living in Tulsa, Oklahoma, where she started her first music school. There, she taught students of all ages, but she ultimately shifted her focus to adults when she moved out west. 

"When I homed in on teaching adult students, that reignited my passion for teaching," she told us.


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