Student Testimonials

See what students & parents have to say about their experience with MMS!


Lizzie gave me the technical coaching, and the emotional coaching that I needed to get my confidence back. These days I find joy in singing again. I sometimes sing in front of friends, and always look forward to casual music nights at McAllister where students and teachers get together to play for each other. There is always a great mix of new students and advanced ones. I always have fun.

Sara T.

All in all, I couldn't ask for more from a teacher, a school, or a musical community. And the music nights (casual open mics) are my favorite! Highly recommend!

Kristie D.

I can't say enough nice things about McAllister Music Studio. The studio is well equipped for teaching music during lessons as well as building community during music nights and recitals. The business itself is super organized. Most importantly, though, the teachers do an amazing job of building a curriculum around core pedagogy, your goals as a musician, and the music you want to play.

Elizabeth D.

You'll have the opportunities to perform in public for people in music night events, charity performance, and of course the Recital. You won't know your limit until you play in front of a crowd, and by doing so, you push your limit. Such opportunities are very valuable for the students.


MMS is the center of my musical universe. The place simply teems with knowledge. The instructors on staff here are nothing less than the best and brightest in San Francisco. The community I've found here during my two years studying piano with Ciara has made an immeasurable impact on my skills as a musician and composer, and continues to connect me to the great musical minds of San Francisco.

Nowell V.

Five stars aren't enough to represent the extent that this school lights up Lower Haight.

Danielle S.

This is a gem in the city. Reliable, consistent and dedicated group who are professional and care about your progress.

Stephanie H.

Yelp only allows five stars, but if I could I'd give McAllister Music Studio 30 stars! 5 for each of the wonderful teachers that are the core of the school, and 10 more for Ciara whose passion for music and music teaching inspires everyone at MMS.

Phil B.

She has encouraged my son to find the music that speaks to him and now he improvises songs on the piano. My daughter has been taking piano and voice lessons with Lizzie for several years now,  and it's been so rewarding for her to stretch and grow her range and control; she's now very successful in her school's musical theater program. McAllister Music Studio is very much an artists' community, where teachers and students of all ages can learn from each other. My kids have even had the opportunity to share music with people in the surrounding community, as MMS organizes volunteer concerts for senior centers in the area. It's been such a special experience for our whole family and I couldn't recommend it more highly.

Marcella C.

I have to start with I LOVE the McAllister Music Studio family. I cannot express in words how much this school has helped me develop my musicianship. I have been working with the owner Ciara and her incredible staff at MMS Mission for the past year now. As a professional working singer, songwriter, and musician in San Francisco, I am constantly in admiration of the knowledge, skill, passion, and professionalism each and every teacher possesses at this school. It's truly a haven for music in San Francisco.

Andrew Michael B.