13 things to know about what we believe in and why we do what we do

1. We are Music Educators

Yes, we are performers, yes we are song-writers, but first and foremost we are Music Educators. We cherish the Journey of the musical pursuit and we take pleasure in every step.  We have mastered the skill of understanding the process of this journey, and we have whittled it down into carefully explained steps that students can grasp with ease and enjoyment.

2. We have Purpose

We believe that music changes  lives and changes the world. We’ve seen it happen time and time again, starting with our own lives. We have the opportunity to be a part of that change every time we work with a student at MMS. We believe in the importance of living fully in one’s purpose and we are grateful to be living out our purpose. We see the bigger picture of what we are doing and bring that into each lesson that we teach.

3. We are THE BEST

Simply put, we are the best music teachers in the bay area. This is what we are known for and this is who we are. We are constantly honing our skills, learning from each other and expanding our knowledge. We have a deep hunger to get better at what we do with each moment that we stand in the presence of our students. We pursue excellence in our music and in our teaching.

4. We are Servants

We are here to serve our students, our fellow teachers, our bosses, and our community. We see our role at MMS as an integral part in creating a greater world and actively seek ways to help everyone that we come in contact with.

5. We are Aware

We  consider our surroundings, our environment, and those around us. We enter our work space with our eyes, ears, and hearts OPEN to discover what it is that others may be feeling, may be in need of. If we see something in our physical space that needs attention,  we fix it. If we see that someone that needs help, love, kindness, a smile, we do our best to offer that. We are not lost in our own minds, our own space, our own phones. We are present.

6. We are Problem Solvers

We believe that every problem has a solution and we do everything we can to find that solution. There is no problem that can’t be solved, there is no task that we “just can’t do”. If we don’t know the answer, or how to do something, we google it, we ask someone to help us, we seek out the answer. There is no “I don’t know” only, “I don’t know YET”.

7. We are Clear Communicators

We are thoughtful with our words. We are timely with our responses. When someone expects something of us, we follow through. We don’t miss an email or a text from a colleague or employer. We are reliable.

8. We are United

We are aware of company policies, all school events, all school philosophies. We are on the same page. We are a team. We speak ONLY good of each other, our students, our bosses, & MMS. We have each other’s backs always. We approach conflict with integrity and we go straight to the source. We understand the power of operating with a unified energy.

9. We take the “Camp Counselor” approach

When in doubt, smile it out. We only speak of the positive in the presence of our students and never point out the negative. We are never tired, never stressed, never sad. We are enthusiastic and cheerful. We create a environment in which only our students’ worlds matter. We are here to uplift them. We are not fake, but we keep the complaining out of our work space.

10. We are Hard Workers

Teaching is a generous pursuit.  It requires a person who can work hard without tiring. This is not a job for those who aren’t comfortable with working hard, giving enormously, and working until the job is not just over, but 110% right. We aren’t just “working for the weekend”. We love what we do and we give it our all.

11. We are Innovative

We actively look for ways to add new content, new ideas to MMS. We see this company as a creative outlet and we are open to sharing ideas and skills that make MMS better than it already is.

12. We are Humble

We believe that we can all learn from each other. We receive feedback openly and gratefully, seeing it as an opportunity to improve. We give constructive feedback to our students with kindness and love. We do not believe that we are above our students, simply farther along the path of musical pursuit. We are open to sharing in this journey.

13. We are Grateful

We come to this job each day with a heart of gratitude. We are grateful for our beautiful and creative work space. We are grateful for the amazingly talented MMS team that we work with. We are grateful to have such an incredibly vibrant community of children and adult musicians in San Francisco. Gratitude is in our hearts and on our lips each and every day.