Voice Lessons

Through voice lessons, MMS children will learn to sing the music they love.  Led by Lizzie Clapper, our voice lessons bridge the gap between classical and pop stylings. Students will learn to use their voice safely and effectively to produce the sound they want.

Because each voice is different, our teachers develop a customized curriculum each student's specific vocal needs. Voice lessons are taught by Lizzie, Ashlee, & Natalie


“Lizzie is amazingly patient and accommodating, though firm, and also listens to my rather opinionated daughter about her preferences.  Despite the fact that my kid resists practicing (quite strenuously sometimes), Lizzie is patient with her, while at the same time firm about the need for the practice.  She does not talk down to her and is able to communicate with her in a way that a 9-year-old can understand.  When asked about why she likes Lizzie, my daughter said that she is nice, lets her sing songs that she likes (within her vocal range) and is funny.”

Megan Stermer, parent of Lizzie’s student