MMS recording studio is great for live piano/vocal or guitar/vocal, overdubs, voice over work, podcasts, and even a small band. Local SF singer/songwriters, artists, and bands are all welcome, as well as MMS students, adults and children, who have been working hard on a piece and are ready to immortalize it!


(*Rates include Engineer*)

4 hour session - $350

Full day (8 hrs) - $650


Add-ons can be added to any of the above sessions and will be billed per item


If you’d like a vocal or performance coach to be present during your session to give you hands-on, live feedback and ideas on how to find your best performance, studio tricks of the trade, and more, we can provide that for you.

Vocal Coaches: (by availability)

Lizzie Clapper

Heather Pierce, for rate


If you’d like to work with a producer on your project, we are here for you!

What do producers do?

They see the “big picture” or vision for your project. Producers work with you prior to setting foot in the studio to come up with ideas around instrumentation, overall sound/feel, arrangements, and style. They keep track of schedules, budgets, timelines, and ultimately make the process of recording smoother, clearer, more efficient, and more inspiring. They will also keep you on track in the studio, time-wise and sound-wise, so you only have to focus on being creative and delivering your best performance.

Work with Ciara McAllister, the MMS In-House Producer, ahead of time to discuss goals, feel, genre, sound, etc for your project and let her guide you and push you through the entire session so you can focus on one thing only: giving your best performance possible!


Want your recording session filmed, edited, and delivered to you for use on social media? Cameras will be set up and ready to roll. Our video editors will work to cut a video to go along with your tune.  

Varros live at MMS

audio and video recorded and edited at MMS recording studio


"Recording with Ciara and Tyler in the studio was an amazing experience. I had always wanted to do a recording and jumped on the opportunity. Ciara and Tyler helped me feel comfortable from the minute I walked into the studio. Ciara’s guidance and instruction helped me push past personal barriers and Tyler was a wiz on the software. What first felt like a recording session soon turned into a space where I was expressing myself musically in a way that I had never done before. There was a point in the session when it felt like the creative flow took over and the song began to turn into something that was nothing short of mind blowing. The end result was beautiful, Tyler had mixed a track that was beyond what I could have ever imagined. It was a real privilege to get to work with two very talented people and I am so grateful that I found McAllister Music Studio." 

-Greg Manjuris, Artist/MMS student


Please email and we will be in touch to set-up a consultation.