Piano Lessons

Piano lessons for children are exciting, fun, adventurous, and comprehensive.  Our children’s department, led by Lizzie Clapper models lessons after our approach for adults.

Our exclusive curriculum includes:

Music Theory


Sight Reading

Ear Training


Analyzing Chord Progressions


Children learn to read music, develop outstanding technique, and understand music theory. They also learn to be creative from the very beginning. They learn chords, they learn to sing along (if they wish), and they learn to feel rhythm within their bodies by playing drums and other percussion instruments.

By the time children at MMS reach their early teen years, we are pulling from the music that they are listening to to reinforce their study. This keeps students interested and excited during the years when other students mights lose interest in piano. Students leave MMS each week with a smile on their face and plenty of instruction for practice during the week. They also have the opportunity to share their talents at the annual winter recital.

Children can study with Lizzie, Ashlee, Andrew, Sebastian, & Natalie


“Our daughter has come amazingly far in the time she has been with McAllister music; from not being able to play a note, to playing very difficult songs. She loves all the teachers and the weekly lesson and is always excited to go and always in a good mood after.”

    -Amanda Pound, parent