Practicing is a profound and powerful skill. It’s also a sacred space. And it’s important that we give it the respect it deserves. Practice is how you grow. Your roots dig deeper and strengthen. Practice is EVERYTHING for a musician.

What works for me?

Create a comfortable, relaxing, and organized space to practice. Make it your own. Make a shrine. Say a prayer. Set an intention. Have a ritual for beginning. Let me repeat that. Have a ritual for beginning. We all know that getting started is the hardest part, of any discipline. Once we are there, we are generally ok with being there, and sometimes even thinking “why don’t I do this more often?”. So then prepare to begin. Light your candles, sage your space, remove your technology. Meaning, put. it. in. another. room. Do whatever feels good to you to make the experience of sitting down at your instrument as pleasant as possible.

This is your time to grow. And it’s not always comfortable. So make your intention clear to yourself and everything/one around you. And begin your practice with a clear mind, open heart, and willingness to give it all your focus. Then get to work. I promise, it will give back to you.

Here’s what my inspirational space looks like. for today. What does yours look like? I’d love to hear from you on our Facebook page. Share your thoughts and experiences and we can all learn from each other.

What is your practice ritual?

Ciara McAllister