Lessons with TYLER at MMS Mission (Session A)

Lessons with TYLER at MMS Mission (Session A)

from 237.50

MONDAYS: 11am-2pm & 3-8pm

TUESDAYS: 11am-2pm & 3-9pm

WEDNESDAYS: 11am-2pm & 3-9pm

THURSDAYS: 11am-2pm & 3-9pm

FRIDAYS: 11am-2pm & 3-9pm

Children (ages 7 & up) & Adults, Piano, Piano/Voice Combo, Songwriting, Recording


For Individual Children's Lessons (piano only): select 30 minute option

For Back to Back Children's Lessons (piano only): select 1 hour option

For Adult Lessons: select 1 hour option

For Child or Adult Piano/Voice Combo Lessons: select 1 hour option

Session A Tuition: 30 minutes $237.50 total, 1 hour $475 total, 5 lessons