Singer/Songwriter Lessons

If you are a songwriter looking to take your songwriting to the next level, these are the lessons for you!

Our curriculum includes:

  • Music theory

  • Technique

  • Accompanying the voice

  • Creating interesting chord progressions

  • Writing interesting intros, bridges, and endings

  • Writing creative & catchy melodies and lyrics

  • Choosing the right key for your voice

  • Composing vocal harmonies

  • Creating a musical flow through the use of dynamics

Songwriting lessons are taught by Ciara & Lizzie..
 Ciara has been passionate about writing music since the very beginning of her study and believes that every music student should explore the wonderful world of songwriting. Many MMS students are singer/songwriters in the Bay Area. Beginning to advanced songwriters are welcome!

“In the time I’ve spent with Ciara, I went from having no idea what a C scale was to writing and recording my own songs! Ciara has been there with me every step of the way and has provided me with just as much emotional support as she has musical support.”

-Amanda Schneider, songwriting student


“Ciara has been my musical midwife. She taught me how to use chords, and how to put them together in ways that make sense. After some time playing other people’s music, I’m now writing my own music and working on an album. My lessons are one of my favorite parts of the week.”

-Elizabeth Swartz, songwriting Student