Lessons are available now for our Fall Semester.

At MMS, we infuse strong fundamentals (note reading, music theory, proper technique) with playing & singing by ear, improvisation, and songwriting. The idea is that students have a solid backbone of understanding and execution AND can get creative with music from the very beginning. The end result is true musicianship and passion for playing! And we do this by pulling from the music that our students love and are inspired by. There are also many opportunities within our studio for performance, collaboration, and expansion.

Our 3 pillars are Passion, Performance, and Community. We allow students to play the music they are passionate about, we encourage them to try their hand at performing in one of our many SAFE environments throughout the year, and we have a wonderful community of students that support each other, collaborate together, and give back to the community by performing at local non-profit organizations in the city.  Follow this link to find out more about who we are and how we got here. & Check out our documentary!

All of our instructors have trained with our founder and owner, Ciara McAllister, and use the MMS curriculum mentioned above, but also have their own unique style and expertise.

Lessons for adults are a 60-minute private lesson, lessons for children are either a 30-minute or 45-minute private lesson (based on age and lesson type). Lessons occur on a weekly basis. This means you choose a time that works for you and attend at that same time each week.

Tuition includes a weekly lesson with your teacher and invitation to participate in several exciting collaborative and performance events throughout the year including an open mic/jam session (for adults) with other MMS students and led by the MMS staff, a master class where students play for each other and receive feedback and support, and a formal recital once per year.

We have a strong and vibrant musical community and this is a wonderful perk of being part of the MMS family!