Music Production in the Home Studio

Music Production in the Home Studio



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This class is for songwriters, artists, DJ's,  composers, and producers, and offers comprehensive, step-by-step guidance through the process of recording and producing your own music in the comfort of your home studio. Receive hands-on live instruction and find out what is involved every step of the way to producing your own music!

This 16 week program will cover:

  • Home Studio setup - learn how to shop for and build your own studio
  • Pro Tools workflow & functionality (students may work on other DAW's if they wish)
  • Recording live and virtual instruments
  • Sound Processing & Effects
  • Basics of mixing

Ultimately, the more you know, the more control you have over your art  


Tuesdays, 7:00 - 9:00 pm

Jan 24th, 2016 - May 23rd, 2016

*No Class May 2nd**


Tuition: $2500

Payment made be made in 2 installments of $1250

1st installment: time of enrollment

2nd installment: March 7th, 2016


Students will be required to provide or purchase the equipment listed below. Peter will help students learn how to shop for each piece of equipment so that their home studio best suits their individual needs.

  • interface $100-$300
  • quarter-inch cable $20
  • midi cable $15
  • midi keyboard or instrument $50-$150
  • headphones or monitors $50-$300
  • computer


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Cancellation Policy:

Up to 10 days after time of enrollment - 100% refund (must be prior to start of class)

Up to 24 hours after 1st class - 50% refund

After 24 hours after 1st class - no refund

*Students who opt to pay in installments, will be required to make 2nd installment regardless of whether they complete the class*