Collaborative Music Production

Vocal Production Pic.jpg

Sunday August 6th, 10 am - 5 pm
Ages 13 and up
MMS Mission Branch: 
3280 22nd St. SF
Price: $95

This is an excellent introductory course to our full length semester long class, Music Production in the Home Studio.

For artists, songwriters, aspiring engineers and producers, and musicians of all levels of experience. This is an extremely hands on, creative and collaborative workshop which will develop into students tracking and recording their original ideas. In this day-long workshop we will write, record, produce, and mix a song - right on the spot! The inspiration will be fresh, the talent on hand, and the studio ready to go -- and producer Peter DeWitt will take you through the steps of recording your original music.

You will:

  • Learn to collaborate creatively in a real professional studio environment
  • Gain a quick overview of audio production, MIDI sequencing, and editing functions in ProTools software.
  • Work with an experienced producer to learn how to make your musical ideas come to life

Collaborate with other artists & get your ideas recorded!