MMS Music Production in the Home Studio
Starts February 7, 2017 (14 weeks)

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This class is for songwriters, artists, DJ's,  composers, and producers, and offers comprehensive, step-by-step guidance through the process of recording and producing your own music in the comfort of your home studio. Receive hands-on live instruction and find out what is involved every step of the way to producing your own music! 

The more you know, the more control you have over your art!

Class Schedule:
Tuesdays, 7:00 - 9:30 pm
Feb. 7th - May 16th, 2017 (No class May 2nd)

1045 17th St. in Potrero Hill, San Francisco





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Past Workshops


How to Jam with Ciara

Ever been at a party when someone just sits down at the piano, or picks up a guitar, and starts playing? Perhaps other musicians join in and starting jamming together? You think to yourself, “I’ve been taking piano lessons for years and I would have no idea how to do that!” Well, wonder no more! There is actually a formula to it and at MMS, we are ready to show you the secrets to comfortably sitting down and begin playing with other musicians!

In this first ever MMS workshop, How to Jam, we will show you the secrets to the art of jamming!

Collaboration is something that Ciara McAllister, owner and founder of MMS, is personally passionate about. You can find her “jamming” at various locations throughout the city on any given night. She is excited to help you too uncover the mystery and feel comfortable sitting down to play with other musicians.

In the MMS How To Jam workshop, you’ll experience:

A safe, guided, super fun, hands-on opportunity to sit down and jam with other musicians!


Music Theory with Miranda

Led by MMS music theory expert, Miranda Bourgeois, this workshop will address these questions and more, including any that you want to bring to the table. Dig deep into the insides of music. Explore concepts from the inside out and come away feeling more like a musician and less like an outside observer.

Miranda Bourgeois is a Bay Area composer, pianist, and teacher, and is super passionate about digging into the "guts" of a piece of music. You can find her most evenings curled around a piano figuring songs out by ear and analyzing their harmonic structures. She is outstanding at simplifying the inner workings of music and helping her students to see the correlations between classical, pop, hip hop, and other genres of music. She is currently working on a collection of original compositions called Bay Noir. Check out her first single, We're Staying Together! (Written by Miranda Bourgeois, Co-produced by Miranda Bourgeois and MMS student, Nowell Valeri).


Songwriting with Lizzie

What does it take to write a great song? How do you get started? How do you choose the right key? Maybe you have a good start but aren't sure where to go from there. What is a bridge? How do chords work together to create a journey that is both interesting to the listener and satisfying to the writer?


In the MMS Songwriting workshop, we will answer these questions and many more!

Songwriting is not something that happens in a moment of "awe and wonder" with some sort of mystical power at play. Songwriting CAN be learned. It is a craft. It is sacred and personal and incredibly rewarding. At MMS, we believe that with a little guidance, anyone with a desire to create music CAN do it and can do it well. And we've already taught dozens of students to do it!

Check out what some of our songwriting students are saying here!



In these introductory music classes, students will get started in music with our very own children’s department head, Lizzie Clapper.

Children will sing, dance, clap, play rhythms, interact with other young musicians, and eventually play in their very first mini band!

MMS Littles Learn:

  • how to feel rhythms within their body by clapping and playing percussion

  • how to sight sing beginning melodies

  • how to visually identify beginning rhythmic patterns

  • how to make their own instruments

  • how to work with other young musicians

  • how to enjoy music from the inside out!